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Skutt Envirovent 2

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Better than a hood!
Manufacturer: Skutt

Removes fumes, odors and vapors. Improves firing consistency. The envirovent fits Skutt 12, 10, and 8-sided kilns, as well as many other brands. Better than a hood, the EnviroVent 2 pulls fumes from the kiln before they can enter the room. Certified safe it is UL listed when installed with a Skutt kiln bearing the UL mark and meets standard building codes in most jurisdictions. Easy install on new or existing kilns. The kit includes everything you need for a floor or wall installation. Meets code, the new wall mount EnviroVent 2 design is a negative pressure system which prevents fumes from leaking into the room if the duct is damaged. Negative pressure systems are required by some local building codes. Mounting the motor away from the kiln protects it from heat and prevents vibration transferring to the kiln.

Vent 2 Kilns. With the addition of the dual intake kit, you can vent 2 kilns under 12 cubic feet each with one motor or any kiln up to 24 cubic feet.

Add the Envirolink, this feature allows you to program the KilnMaster Controller to turn the EnvirVent on or off at the end of the firing or for each segment of the program.

The EnviroVent 2 is 115 volts, 1.4 amps.